London von Tungeln  Date: 5/2/18

Title: Middle School: Rafe is a big, fat, liar

Author: James Patterson

Subject: Fiction, Comedy, Drama (Sorta)

Rating: 3, It is a good book but it isn’t like the books I like

Summary: The main Character, Georgia is a 12-13 year old girl that has to go to a school where her brother, Rafe (main character of the book series Middle school) tried to break every rule and it got him kicked out. When she got there, Everyone thought she was exactly like him but isn’t. She is smarter than him and makes better decisions.

When she gets there, everyone learns she is Rafe’s sister they act like she is a piranha and is automatically unpopular except for friends at different school and a girl from her school who is energetic is really liked Georgia. They all come over to Georgia’s house to rehearse and become a famous band

At the school, some of the kids pick on her for her limp and hair. She calls them the princesses because how they act like they are the best. The trick her and get her detention which makes sure Georgia hates. She also has a friend she met because he defended her when they got in trouble.

When she was in trouble, She heard her some kids talking and she sees a girl name geanie. Geanie was from the first middle school book where Rafe had a crush on her. Georgia decides to get payback on him for something mean he did by acting like she called him. Rafe got mad and decided to put his sister band on the Battle of the bands part of the upcoming prom. Georgia practices with her band and allows her friend from school to sing for the band.

During prom, Georgia’s band plays and they become instantly popular. She becomes so popular, the princess’s lose all there powers. she eventually starts to like school and erase her brothers footsteps in the school

favorite character: Rafe (He is funny and a little mean, Sadly we don’t get to see much of him in the book.

Where does the book take place: School, Home

Best part: Georgia and her band playing and everyone chanting encore.

Book Title ( why is it called Middle school : Rafe is a big fat liar) I don’t really know, I think ink it is meant to say Rafe lied about how annoying she is.

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