A odd birthday party.

Last night we went to a birthday party at a farm theme place.There was zombie paintball, Terror in the corn, 30 acre corn maze, and barrel ride. We got there and we saw some other people waiting and I gave some kids 7 pokemon cards. when we got there we had some fun and then we went to the 30 acre corn maze. we went our own ways. julie went with boston and I went with mom and todd. We went around and found a bridge and we looked around for them. we called their names and we found boston. Julie told boston to get lost. we headed back to the entrance and exit. julie didn’t come out and then todd went In there and Mom looked for julie in the car. Julie came out and got in trouble. then We had some soda, went in the barrel ride, and left.

Thanks for reading my blog and I hope you guys and girls like my blog and I will right one soon.

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