Acrylic Paint

Today I will be blogging about acrylic paint.

Acrylic paint is made of a color and acrylic polymer, just like watercolor it has two types . Professional is has more pigment to it and Student has less pigment. It was able to sell in the 1950’s so it is the youngest paint for canvases. Acrylic is my personal favourite because it dries easily and it is not clear. It is easy to clean when still wet , all you need is soap and water but when it is dry it is a pain to clean. In the 1960’s pop art became verry popular and alot of painters used acrylic. Acrylic paint , unlike oil paint does not really crack so people love it. I am not sure on if it is cheap or not. They are good to dry inside but if you let it dry outside ( I do not know why someone would leave a painting outside and forget it)  it will fade very fast.

I hope you enjoyed my blog! I am not sure what my next one will be but I think I want it too be in the art category but i’m not sure. There are not much facts on acrylic paint because it is very new.

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