Hello, today I am going to write about Akinator.

Akinator is a game where an AI try’s to guess who or sometimes what your thinking about.

Differences between PC (Personal Computer) and PE (Pocket Edition) PC: PC is better if you DESPISE ads (More on that later) and hate the preasure of trying to get awards and that kind of stuff. PE: PE is good is your willing to spend money to get ads off and to spend money to get more than the Popular characters (Or if you want you can spend the in game currency for like 2 hours of it (Parentheses in Parentheses: Which is stupid it’s a game about like 20 Questions… also the creators are HUGE sellouts in the PE version because if you don’t spend money there is LEGIT an ad after every guess!!). I own the PE game but if you hate Ads, Spending Money to get rid of ads and to fully unlock the game, HUGE SELLOUTS, and more!

I highly recommend you go online and play the PC version because PE is really repetitive R E A L L Y R E P E T I T I V E Like R E A L L Y R E A L L Y R E P E T I V E. This is the end of the blog hope you enjoyed. B Y E R E A D E R S. (P.S. No blog on Friday so you might have to wait ok?


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  1. I think the game is pretty cool. Please make sure that your categorizing and tagging all of your blogs. Are you shopping up words into individual letters in order to fill the 250 word requirement faster?

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