#Angry Birds

the_walking_dead_birds_by_thecreatorhd-d61yu01Today I am writing about Angry Birds because I found some interesting Angry Bird pictures. Some of these pictures are not real and some are true Angry Birds.

Angry Birds is a video game that you can play on a computer or a tablet.  In this game you have birds, who are angry because there are pigs who stole the bird’s eggs.

The whole point of the game is using a strategy to decide where you are going to throw your birds at structures that the pigs are hiding inside or behind.

In order for the Angry Birds to win their bird eggs back, they have to defeat all of the pigs in each level.  You have to beat each level before you can go onto the next.

Trivia Time!

Who is the smallest angry bird? What is his name?

Which angry bird would win in a fight? Chuck or Red?

Who is smaller? Matilda or Bomb?

Put your answers in the comments.






maxresdefault images (6) the_angry_birds_demand_you_go_on_sammytekkerz__by_samm72-d5u1a9w tumblr_ln328aq4RI1qzoileo1_r1_500 angry_birds___angry_heroes_by_olechka01-d3eyi7w images (5) ABF_Wingman images (4) Flock_by_size

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