Hello everybody, today I am going to be writing about Armadillos. I am writing about them because I think they are a cool animal and I think everyone who reads this knows more about them. I hope everyone has a good day.

Armadillos are a species of Mammals who have shells that can ricochet bullets. I haven’t seen an armadillo yet but I’ve seen photos of them. Some of them are really big like the Giant armadillo or small like pink fairy Armadillo. My favorite is the three banded because it is the only one that can turn into a ball. I think it is a cool ability because if your armor can ricochet bullets and you curl up into a ball you are sort of unstoppable.

One of the problems with Armadillos is they can carry leprosy. Only one species of armadillos is known to carry leprosy. That species of armadillos is the nine banded armadillo. The Nine banded Armadillo commonly lives in Latin America and southern North America. Leprosy is A bacterial infection that disfigured your body. You can have it but get side effects 5-20 years after contracting it. Leprosy can cause death.

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  1. I didn’t know only one species can roll into a ball, I thought they all could. That’s sipe5 cool that some ofthe8r shells are strong enough to deflect bullets. I wonder if the military has studied Armadillos to see how they can recreate the shell for protective purposes.

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