Assassin Creed

Assassin creed is a game where you are Assassins called Conner, , Ezio, Altair, Edward, Aveline, Evie and Jacob Frye.  There enemy’s Are called Templar who try and steal all of the pieces of Eden. I think only two Assassins betrayed the brotherhood of assassin’s. There names are  Duncan Walpole and Shay Cormac.  I’ve played The  Assassins Creed III, Black flag and Rogue. The main character in these games are Conner, Edward Kenway And Shay Cormac. The father of Conner Is Haytham Kenway. The plots are very creative and so is the characters.

some are actually real people Like Thomas Jefferson and George Washington. Assassins creed III takes place in Colonial america because it said something about Boston tea party. the character that plays the biggest role in the plot is Desmond Miles. He is related To Edward,  Conner and Haytham. you play as a character in The animus which is a device that brings you back in time to see your Ancestors in the Older time. So they used the animus on a character to see his memories as a assassins and it unlocks a file that puts the company in lock down. so they look more in the memories to see if they can get it out of lock down. Assassins creed Syndicate is the newest and there is. there twins in Assassin creed Syndicate called Jacob and Evie Frye which is a nice touch to the game and there is multiple ways to do a level. this game takes time in the Victorian Era in England The animus which is a device that brings you back in time to see your Ancestors in the Older time. I wish there was a animus in real life so i can see my Ancestors. Rogue takes place in Eastern America where I used to live. You play as a character called shay cormac. He betrayed the Brotherhood because his master was going to destroy the world. He almost did. I hope you enjoyed this blog and I will do one soon

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