Hello guys and girls, today I’m going to right about Austria. I hope this blog has correct information so if you are writing a paper or tell your friends facts about Austria. This was the first idea that popped in my head and I hope you enjoy it.

Austria is located in Europe and there language is German. It is located next to Switzerland and Hungary. From Denver International Airport, the flight would be 12 hours and 15 minutes. They drive on the right side of the road. The capital of Austria is Vienna. Beethoven spent most of his life there. Another famous person from Austria is Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Austria is the 12th wealthiest country in the world. Tourist make up 9% of their GDP (Gross Domestic Product). Switzerland GDPis higher then Austria. Hungary is lower then Austria’s . Switzerland was 659.8 Billion in 2016, Austria’s was 386.4 Billion USD, and Hungarys was 124.3 Billion in 2016.

Austria just had there elections so there president is now Alexander Van Der Beller. He won the election by 53.8 percent. His home state is Vienna and Tyrol. He is 73. His fellow candidate was Norbert Hofer.his Home state is Burgenland. 46.2 percent of people in Austria voted for him.

I hope the blog was enjoyable and I next will write about Switzerland next. Have a good day


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  1. Great London. Did you ever watch The Sound of Music with Rachel? It was the story of the Von Trapp family who escaped from Austria & eventually came to Stowe Vermont USA It is a true story. Maybe watch it again.
    Granny used to work for British Airways & took my Mother to Switzerland. It is really beautiful. So good to chat with you today. Love you XX

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