Black Panther (Spoilers)

Hello Everyone, Today I am going to be writing about Black Panther. Black Panther is a new movie which we are about to see. I’ve heard it is really good. we are also going to see it in 3d which should make it a better experience. I hope you enjoy my blog and I will write more blogs next week. I hope you enjoy and I will make a blog about that day to tell you how it went. Don’t worry, their will be no spoilers in the next blog if you haven’t seen it yet.

Black Panther is a movie about T’Challa, The main character who becomes king of Wakanda (where the movie takes place) after his father (T’Chaka) dies in an explosion during Civil war. The movie is about Black Panther taking down Kilmonger, a powerful villain who tries to get revenge for the Death of his father. He seems like a cool Super villain because of his motives and costume which looks like a cooler version of Black Panther’s suit.

Black Panther is one of the most successful movies and is very popular with most fans of Marvel with a %97 of critics like it and 77 percent of audience liked it which is awesome and it has earned 201 Million dollars which is a lot and might make it the highest grossing movie of 2018. I hope this movie marks Infinity war to be even better then Black Panther

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