Bonnie The Bunny 1 2 3 and 4

Bonnie is  a Horror Game Character who is the best character EVER!!!!!!!!!!!! also he is the smartest of all and there is one easter egg of him and technically ive heard of a 2nd and 3rd game which might be amazing  i hope it is i have seen the first and have the demo for the 2nd and the rest of my blog is stupid but i am going to do it any way so basically there are so MUCH THEORYS ABOUT THE ANIMATRONICS like they stuffed phone guy in golden freddy or chica and Foxy is a good guy and he gives you heart attacks or phone guy is a REALLY bad guy so yeah but this is the end of my blog peace out6002724_60x60 -FNAF-2-toy-bonnie-jumpscare-five-nights-at-freddys-37874216-500-375 528 oh_bonnie_is_awesome Shadow_Toy_Bonnie maxresdefault

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