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London von Tungeln  Date: 4/5/18

Title:Hunger games: Mockingjay (The third book in the hunger games series)

Author: Suzanne Collins

Genre:  Fiction, dystopian, Futuristic

Rating: 5, I first read this book when I was 7-8 and I liked it because of its action scenes, Funny jokes, and Characters. I still like it and for the exact same reasons and I loved reading it so reading it again was great and I remembered more parts of the book so I learned a lot more about the series and the characters in it

Summary: A rebellion was started in because Katniss Everdeen (The main character in the series) and her lover Peeta threatened to eat poisonous berries so they would die and there would be no winner and that would be horrible for the Capitol (The government of Panem and the home for the richest people) because it would ruin plans of there new Hunger games. The Rebellion has turned made a huge uprising to take down the Capitol after Katniss Everdeen is saved from the aftermath of the 75th Hunger games. (The hunger games after the one where Katniss and Peeta win where all the other winning tributes are put into another hunger games and have to win but Katniss, Peeta, and a few other friends take down a barrier to leave the Hunger games arena and successfully make the Rebellion into a uprising )

The Capitol captures Peeta during this game so they will have at least one person to help Control Katniss since she is the Face of the Uprising because she started the rebellion during the first book. The rebellion decides to go back and take Peeta and other Tributes that were captured and tortured. They were held in this Military base inside a mountain called the nut. In there was an Entire District of people seeking out shelter or just doing there jobs. The civilian join the rebellion and They successfully capture the rest of the tributes. Peeta was tortured to think that Katniss was evil so when Peeta and Katniss see each other, Peeta strangles here and does a lot of damage to her neck but she survives.

During the entire book, Katniss has been making videos with a Crew of Editors, Cameraman, Friends like Gale (Her best friend or as people know him, Cousin) And Makeup teams to make her look amazing. The make them then put them on television to try and get more Districts and Civilians to help and join in on their cause. She is sometimes conflicted about them but usually thinks the are good in the end. The videos are called Propaganda Videos or for short, Propos

Katniss’s team decides to make them In the streets of the capital, Now a war-scarred Town where the battle between the Rebellion and the Peacemakers (The Capitol’s Police) The Team has to be careful because of the traps called pods because if you set one off, It will become a dangerous Trap where you will be killed most likely. Katniss’s team decides to bring along some people from the Rebellion to make sure they’re safe.

During the mission, Peeta is added to the crew because he was “better” but he really wasn’t because he killed one of his team members The plan didn’t work as intended because most of the people supposed to keep them safe die which was one of the more sad parts. The rest of the team get to the Capitol in time to watch innocent people get bombed then some of the rebellions medics. Prim (Katniss Sister) Is apart of the medics so she gets killed which is probably the worst moment in this blog. I hated it so much. Katniss and her remaining teammates get to Snow’s Mansion. Snow is the president of Panem and the Antagonist of all the books. They capture snow and execute him but just before executing him, Katniss kills President coin (The leader of the rebellion and the killer of Prim since she made the choice to kill prim). Katniss gets arrested but is released and is flown to District 12 (Her home).

favorite character: Haymitch Abernathy (He is funny and is a key role in Katniss escape from the 75th Hunger game.

Where does the book take place: Panam (Future North America

Best part: Katniss kills president coin (President of the 13th District). Its my favorite moment since I like Prim and it felt like a moment of payback to me.

Book Title ( why is it called “The Hunger Games: Mockingjay) It is called that because Katniss is the symbol for the rebellion in her Mockingjay costume. She needs the costume to show she is Symbol of the rebellion and for when she is in combat because it has Bullet proof armor, Special Arrows because her main weapon is a bow.

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