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Date: 5/10

Title: Crazy House

Author:James Patterson

Genre:  Fiction, Dystopian

Rating: 4.7 A good book but way to much like the Hunger games

Summary: Two twins names Casie and Rebecca Greenfield are Living in a place called a cell ( Like a district in Hunger Games except for the fact it’s smaller) by themselves since their mom went for something called a mood adjust (Isn’t really explained in the books) And their dad is brain dead.

One morning, Rebecca goes missing with Casie Truck, Casie makes the principal think Rebecca she has a stomach ache from eating to much. The entire rest of the day Casie is looking for her Sister. When she doesn’t show up for a few more days. Casie gets kidnapped because she went out of her cell.

Before Getting Kidnapped, Rebecca makes a friend named Nathaniel, the mayors son who bullied Rebecca and her. She becomes friends with him by learning that it was a act and Rebecca and Nathaniel are in a group called The outsiders ( A group trying to start a rebellion.

In Jail, The entire place is a prison but just insanely crazy. They fight each other and everyone is on death row. Nathaniel gets into the prison to help them escape but he gets captured as well. When he is in the ring, He fights until his leg is broken which took a while. They eventually escape with him.

When they get back, Nathaniel is taken to the hospital. Casie and Rebecca get told there dad is dead. The next day after mourning for most of the night, Everyone goes outside there house to see them get arrested for being bad citizens. Casie and Rebecca convinced everyone to go to where the prison is and free the kids in there.

When the prison is empty. Everyone goes back and they are put on house arrest. In the middle of the night they are kidnapped again and told that the prison was training to recruit people into there army.

Moral: None

Favorite character: Nathaniel. He was mistaken as bad but becomes a protagonist

Where does the book take place: America

Best part: The riot

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