Book report of Say goodnight Gracie



Julie von Tungeln     Date: 3/20/18


Title: Goodnight Gracie


Author: Julie Reece Deaver


Genre: Nonfiction, Melodrama, Platonic love (I know there is a actual name for it but i do not remember) Young adult genre. School fiction? I think that is one too.


Rating: 4 stars, because the way the mourning was, it seemed a bit unrealistic. You are not numb one day and crying the next. It’s a lot slower than that. I know all mourning is different but it’s usually a lot slower.


Summary: Morgan and Jimmy are best friends, they have known each other since they were newborns. Jimmy dies in a car crash because of a drunk driver and Morgan slowly adapts. (What coping mechanisms does she use to adapt / grieve).


Favorite character: Jimmy because he cares about Morgan and actually apologizes when he is a jerk. Also he teases her and he does not do it to me mean.


Where does the book take place: Somewhere in New York, I think.


Best part: I preferred the first half of the book, because it’s a lot happier. The world seems pretty good for both of them and they seem like actual teenagers, not like in most books where it is ‘You’re creepy’ and then them kissing. Or the alternative we have been friends since we were 5 and now I want to date you because hormones, also lets run away. Or they have known each other for 5 minutes and now they are ‘In love’ and they ran away. They are just friends and they do not act like what parents think teenagers act like, they act like real teenagers. In the second half Jimmy dies so it is definitely less happy as Morgan is grieving his death.

Book Title (why is it called Goodnight Gracie):  Because Jimmy said ‘Say goodnight gracie’ to Morgan. I think it’s a acting reference.

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