BOOK REPORT: The Stone House by Patrick Ness



London von Tungeln  Date:3/22/18


Title: The stone house

Author:  Patrick ness


Genre:  Fiction


Rating: 3.1 Stars. It was hard for me to understand but I got the jist of it


Summary: The character, Tanya (The main character) sees this house on her way home and becomes attracted to it and wants to go in. She invites a few of her friends and her physics teacher to go in the house. Their is also another main character (Amira) who is from Syria and went to the U.K but gets trapped in the house. Amira lured Tanya by just being inside the house


Moral: Don’t trespass into weird houses


Favorite character: Ms. Quill .

Where does the book take place: Somewhere in the United Kingdom


Best part: The very first part because it made sure the book even happened

Book Title (why is it called The stone house): because the stone house is where most of the book takes place.


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