Boston in the third grade

Caring means to help other people not just yourself. This is what caring means to me.

I wish I was old enough to… buy anything I desire like a Lamborghini, a Jet, a Target (the store) a mansion, lots of hair dye, bleach and loads of video games.

If I invented a new candy… it would be sour patch warheads and skittle starburst jolly rancher gummy bear peppermint gum lollipops that will come with video games. They come in boxes or packets. There are many flavors and combinations.

What describes you… I am as white as a ghost.  I am possibly the laziest person in the universe and largre.  I am a great gamer.  I as British as Harry Potter (not the accent).  I am creative.  I dye my hair a lot. I love getting jump scared.

How to make a Valentines Day Card… First, grab paper and if you want to grab scissors to cut a shape. Then with the scissors grab the paper and fold it evenly and cut it into any shape you would like. Write a message and be careful of your fingers. To make a valentine without scissors you take a piece of paper and fold it evenly into a booklet and write a message inside.

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