Boston makes the tiny house better

What do we live in?

We live in an airstream for a tiny house. It is silver and looks like a soup can or a toaster.

What would I like to add to it?

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Like my brother, London, I want to have a hiding cubby where I can go and be alone.  I don’t like having to spend every minute together with everyone in the room.  Sometimes we go out of the house to get some space but when we are all together it can get annoying and crowded.

Mom said I should have a curtain over my bed so people can’t see in and I can do my own thing the internet isn’t very good in my bed.  And I love youtube.

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  1. I think we might be able to give you your own study nook or seat behind where your and Rachel’s bed ends at the back. I was going to place the compost toilet there but if we reinforce the way back we can put the toilet and the shower at the very back.


  2. Sounds like a great idea! A secret little reading nook or getaway area. It’s pretty hard getting alone time with a houseful but I also really like the idea of a cool (Minecraft maybe?) fabric curtain across your bed so you can still be comfortable and not too cramped. Maybe if the curtain is closed it means “Please don’t bother me unless it’s an emergency” ?

  3. I think you have great ideas. Did Mom make you a curtain yet? I love you. Your Iron Mam fish stayed at the Good Geeks for a week but came home to Granny today. Look out for the mail man.XX Granny

  4. I love the nook idea. I would hide in furniture as a kid to get a quite space. I liked to hide under the bed too. I think curtains would help. Having a place to be alone and collect your thoughts is a nice thing.

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