Buena Vista (Part 1)

Buena Vista was a place we went to on the weekend. We went on Sunday and Monday. We went their to go wheeling and to try out our new bathing suits. I hope you enjoy my blog and I will write soon about Jumanji and at the end I will tell you why.

We started to pack on Sunday since we didn’t have much to pack. I brought my backpack with essentials and my bug out bag since we were going wheeling. We also brought a cooler to hold drinks and food. We packed sort of late since Todd had to sleep so he wasn’t tired since he works at night. After I packed all my stuff, I messed around. I climbed the tree, played on my IPad, and talked with Boston.

We left at about 1pm and got there at about 4pm. The only thing eventful that happened when we were driving was we went to a gas station and I got a drink. When we got to the hotel we checked in and went to our room. We were allowed a soda. We went swimming after a few hours. It was really fun and it felt nice to go swimming. We had chili when we got to our room. An hour after we went to sleep

I hope you enjoyed my blog and I’ll tell you now why I’m going to blog about jumanji soon. The reason is we are going to see it tommorow. The good part is, Boston and I are going to go by ourselves. I’m excited and I can’t wait. I hope the movie is good

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