Bulgaria’s Quidditch team |Harry Potter| Spoiler alert

Bulgaria is one of the team is the international quidditch league. They have made it to multiple world cups. If you know what the Super Bowl is then that’s what the world cups are. In the 4th book that was one of teams at the World Cup where Harry’s was at and where the first time you see death eaters. They lost in the game though which was sad but at least the got the snitch. If you don’t know what a snitch is it a tiny medal ball with wings that is enchanted to fly around the arena but try not to get caught.

One of the most famous Bulgarian players is Victor Krum. We meet him first in the 4th book where he is playing in the World Cup. He was 18 at the time and about to graduate from another wizarding school, Durmstrang. We then learn that he is going to register for the Triwizard Tournament. He gets picked (along with Harry) for the Tournament. He lost the Tournament but still continues to play with Bulgaria. A few years after retiring from Bulgaria’s team he played for them one last time in 2014 but tied the game because there was no way they were going to win like the game against Ireland

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