Candy canes

Today my blog is about candy canes, I hope you enjoy my blog.

First of all, about 250 years ago in Germany they were made for the first time, but only sugar sticks, also there is a story about 200 years before ( It is probably not true but still adding it into my blog) It is that a choirmaster in the short version is that he did not want kids to talk or move during the Christmas service so he made candy canes and also shaped them so they were like shepherds crook to remind people of the Shepard’s crook, like the one at Jesus’s birth.                                                                                                            In 1990’s they added the red stripe and the peppermint. The reason why they made it a J shape for Jesus or the Shepard’s Crook. The reason for the red is meant to be for the blood of Jesus and also it helped contradict the white which was explained as the purity of him. The reason of the peppermint flavoring was because it was meant to be the hyssop plant for purifying in the bible.

I hope you enjoyed my blog,  Sorry my blog took so long but two pictures Candy Cane from Wallpapers High Quality                       made the formatting weird.                        Image of Original Candy Canes From ohnuts. 

                                                                                                                                                              (Its not actually what it but they look the same)

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