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Today this blog will be about how characters description in writing matter and how to improve you writing descriptions for you characters.

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Things not to do

This category is a bit weird but a often problem in writers describing people. You cannot see details of someone’s face from across a room, you only really would be able to see hair, skin tone and nothing else. Think about when you would not be able to notice anything about faces. Don’t describe eyes as the color gemstone they are. Do not call eyes orbs, just don’t. Do not make siblings clones of each other unless identical twins, make sure one has his mothers eyes but share his father’s nose with his sister. Also if there are are more than two kids dont let all of them have one same face quality unless both of their parents have it, at that point try to give one of them theirs grandfathers blonde hair instead of the brown hair that the other two have. Do not go into face shapes and nose shapes more than once, only do it again if the character has left one way or another and someone is talking about how they didnt want that to happen or if your protagonist is admitting to loving them and is explaining why.


  Describe eyes as the smudge of eyeliner or freckles or scars. For example ‘ Her eyes are the  same color as sapphire are giving me a dirty look or ‘Her blue eyes are smudged with green eyeshadow and surrounded by freckles are glaring at me as if to kill me.  I explained the same person and only one really gave you any traits about her such as she is in the sun a lot, likes strange colors of makeup for her eyes (Or is new at it) and may be forgetful because she may have meant to wipe her makeup off before going where she is or she cried because of you most likely because she is more than pissed. Also you either have known her for a while or are is love with her. Eye shape does not matter unless you love them or if it shows ethnicity.


 Ok this is another weird one but it another thing is don’t say some guy who works in an office job smells like lemongrass, he probably at most smells like cologne. Say this girl is a gardener of herbs she either smells like dirt and herbs. Try to think about this one before using it. You can use it as a recognition of someone if its a unique smell, either positively if its a good person with a good smell, bad if they smell bad and are bad. Such as ‘ As the smell of lavender wafts over to me I immediately know it is Lilly who funnily enough, dislikes the smell of lily but adores the smell of lavender’ I did not use any strong words there, I could of said hate but she is probably gentle person and does not use negative words like that so the main character thinks of her that way. I also said it in a way that the main character knows her well but is just introducing her into the book. Also you can imply she must grow lavender and either carry it on her or use a extract of it on her wrist.


This one does matter too and is a little weird. It goes into 2 categories, style and type. Types of hair are: straight wavy curly and coily, I know you can go into better explanation but you probably should not unless the character is a hair stylist. Hair style is like bald, dreadlocks braid and others, you can go into detail with this one, this one could explain a little amount of personality. Strict guys usually do not have long hair as an example, he most likely would be laid back if he had long hair. Age too old men do not have a lot of hair, they are probably balding.


Skin tones, scars, tattoos, wrinkles, face shapes. This one matters a lot because it shows some character such as skin tones may show accents or their culture and ethnicity. Tattoos on the face most likely means they have them everywhere on their body and say if they are prison tattoos they have most likely have been to prison. Scars show they either fight a lot or suck at something else, have been in a bad accident or are clumsy. Wrinkles can show age or how often they were in the sun when they were younger.

I hope you enjoyed my blog about writing, what I am going to blog about next is styles and Outfits. Please let me know if the formatting is weird, I put a font on my computer and it changes the formatting.

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