Hello everyone, today I’m go to be writing about Christmas. I hope you enjoy and I’ll write next week.

We opened our presents on Christmas Eve for no reason just we felt like it. It was a weird feeling to open them at night but it was still fun. My favorite present was an RC car. It goes really fast and it looks awesome. I got some shirt which I love and a new bathing suit. I didn’t get anything edible for Christmas but I did for secret Santa.

It was snowy on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day but shortly after there wasn’t much snow. It is nice since I can go outside without a coat on and play. Instead of staying home we went out to a friends house. When we got there, Kolby (My friend) was downstairs playing basketball with another person I didn’t know. I said hi to him and he said hi back. We talked, made some jokes, and wrestled. Neither of us won but we both got pretty close.

I went upstairs since there was some food I could eat. I ate salsa which was really tasty and healthy. There was also some nuts which I had. After eating, Wrestling, and chilling out for a few hours, we opened presents. We each got 1 present from our friends. I got a Minecraft lamp, Boston got a light up ore, and Julie got some necklaces.

When we said our goodbyes, packed our stuff up, and left, We went to a 7-11 since I had a free drink. I got Mountain Dew since I like it a lot and I was in the mood. Boston got candy and Julie got a slushee. I finished my drink before getting home. We had enormous dinner about when we got home. It tasted really nice and we have it every year so bonus points for Traditions. I went to about 3 hours after and I sleep like a baby and was relaxed in the morning

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