Christmas Eve (Remastered)

Christmas Eve is where you get one present, no school, and spend time at home and you get to do whatever you want (to an extent) at home. You also spend time with your family which can get somewhat irritating. You can also watch a Movie and stay up for a while. Don’t be the person who stands by the mistletoe… just don’t. You can See people you haven’t seen in a while. You can have Pizza for dinner (if you’re not sick of it like I). It’s also for awesome food. My mom lets me watch lots of movies mostly Christmas Specials and play video games forever (In my 2014 mind). I never want Christmas Eve to end and I get the Christmas Jitters or just watch YAW (Again in my 2014 mind I was sick in December 2014) By the way I made this because Hagrid (I said that in my First Christmas Eve blog) that is the end of my blog.

OK, it is not the end of my blog but in the Comments, I want to see if you can name all the similarities and all the differences from my original blog about Christmas eve and this blog. Here is the link.   HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!!

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