Christmas Is Coming! and

Hello, today I am going to write about….. Christmas (You know if you read the titles).

Christmas in my view is a Special holiday to be with your family and of course OPEN PRESENTS!

We have already put ornaments and lights on the Christmas tree, written our Christmas Lists, were listening to Charlie Brown Music, and Building a snow village.

If you didn’t know Christmas is my favorite holiday (that is easily known if you know my obsession of free stuff I like)

My favorite Christmas Ornament we have is probably the Snowman with the Dunkin’ Donuts Box or the one I got last year from my dad or the Stonehenge or the Buzz Lightyear one.

I think the 5 things I want most are

  1. Payday 2 Ultimate Edition
  2. A 50$ (or higher) Steam Gift Card (I’m going to use the money on the gift card to get a bunch of cool stuff)
  3. Giant Christmas Caterpillar Plush
  4. Stranger Things Christmas Sweater

and Finally last but not least (because there is more than five on my list)

5. Warhead Candy Canes.

On Christmas dinner I am almost 1 HUNDRED percent sure that we are going to have the same roast we had at Thanksgiving (if you didn’t know it is SOOOO good we had it last Thanksgiving and this Thanksgiving)

This is the end of the blog hope you enjoyed it.

(P.S.: More Christmas blogs coming soon so I hope you enjoy Christmas because I an just getting started and also we will be correcting blogs on Thursday so no new blog then)





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  1. Now that was a great Blog. It was all your own work. I could almost hear your voice talking through the words. I hope that you get some of your wishes granted. I am sending money to Mum so she will buy something special from me for you.I look forward to your next Blog. Love you very much Mr B. XX

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