Christmas Time

Christmas is coming and so is winter so I’m going to be writing about this cold and cozy time. So I hope you enjoy my blog today and I’m going to return to writing about what we did today tomorrow.

Christmas celebrates the birth of Jesus. We celebrate it as a time for us to all spend a day together and for to give gifts to all of us. Christmas is commonly called Xmas and Yule. That means the Yule ball in Harry Potter: Goblet of fire was for Christmas which is kind of cool.

The things I want the most for Christmas are

  1. RC car because Todd has a few and I love to use them.
  2. $20 Steam gift card because one of my games (Payday 2) has weapon skins and and crates I can buy and use which can be really cool to get a lot of skins for my guns and armor.
  3. Tickets to the movies because there is a few new movies we want to see and this would be a great way to see them if we get tickets to go
  4. Harry Potter wand because I want a wand so I can recreate spells when I’m bored. I don’t get bored all the time but still be nice to have
  5. Harry Potter: Goblet of fire illustrated because we have the first two and the second will grow the collection further.
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  1. Happy Christmas to one of my favorite Bloggers. I look forward to reading your Blogs London.You have a nice list of Christmas presents on your wish list. I hope you are fortunate to get some of the things on the list. I am sending money to Mum to buy a gift from me to you. Mom isnt feeling so good today so look after her for me please. Maybe some tea would be good.

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