Clearance puppy

Our puppy who is named Keller is a deaf and sorta blind dog. He is so cute and is always hyper or taking naps. I love him. He got Neutered a few days ago. He also got a Nasal spray the other day also. I wish we could bring him on the plane but we cant so he is staying with one of my moms friends. The reason he is a little blind and deaf is because the Merle gene which effects his breed,  the Catahoula leopard dog. I hope we will find a way over it but for now we don’t.

He knows a few tricks that are easy and here is the list

  1. Sit
  2. lay down
  3. up
  4. paw for both hands
  5. paws with lay down

I love giving him treats for doing those tricks. He has to eat 2 times a day and a lot of food each time. He also drinks a ton of water. He once lay downed by my bed and went to sleep. He also goes on my bed but he gets bored and leaves after a few minutes. He has broken 2 of his toys but he still has a lot. We but a bell around his neck

I hope you guys and girls enjoy this blog and I will write on tomorrow.

P.s. I will record the plane flight

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