Coffee and it’s origin

Coffee is a popular drink and has Millions of stores just to sell it. The most popular stores are Starbucks and Dunkin’ donuts. I like coffee so I thought I should write about it and it’s origins. I hope you enjoy the blog and I will write tomorrow then I won’t till the end of Winter break.

Coffee started to be sold in approximately the 15th century. The first recognized the caffeine in it in the 9th century because people fed the beans to goats and they got energetic after being fed coffee beans. The story of it is apocryphal which mean unknown authorship or doubtful Origin. The first origin or coffee was in Yemen. It was introduced in Persia, Northern Africa, and Turkey. I think it was probably because how close it might of been to Yemen.

I think it was introduced slowly to other countries until most places could have it. I as well hope that coffee will stay for a while because I love coffee and I helps me wake up in the morning. I hope you enjoyed my blog and I will write tomorrow.


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