Colored Pencils

Today I will be blogging facts about colored pencils.

There are two types of colored pencils, the ones for children, and ones for professionals,the ones for pros have higher grade quality and when with a finished drawing may look like a painting. Some colored pencils are even meant for water, because it is alot easier to use them than paint in alot of people opinion and cheaper.  I personally love them because they are light and easy to carry around. The problem with some coloring pencils are that they break easily , which is probably because I get the kind for kids .             from Julia’s bookbag

Pinterest(Watercolor Pencil art)    Colored pencil are amazing for beginners and pros in art   !!!!                                                                                                   I really hope you enjoyed my blog!!! I do not know what my next blog will be about because I have blogged about art and science so much I can’t blog much more about them and I cannot really blog about writing.

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