Hello.  Do you know about Columbia?  Well even if you do here are 3 facts about Columbia. First, Colombians are Spanish. Second, Colombians are HUGE on coffee.  They have coffee bean farms.  Thank you Colombians.  Lastly there National tree is a wax tree.  Those are 3 facts about Colombia.

Hello.  Here are 3 interesting facts about Cuba.  1.  Their past time includes stuff like Chess.  2. The Capital of Cuba is Havana. 3. Cuba is known for their music.

Hello. I will talk to you about Germany. First, they have 300 different types of bread.  Next, Germany has 5,000 different types of beer. Nextly, Germany has bread museums. Thirdly, Germans work on Saturdays. Fourth, Berlin in the Capital of Germany and fifth Germany has over 150 castles. Lastly, 70% of Germany’s highways have no speed limit.

Honduras’ capital is Tegucigalpa. Next, Honduras is big on soccer. Finally, Honduras have some things like a burrito / taco combination called a Boliada.

Today I will be telling you about Hungary. First, the capital of Hungary is Budapest. The Hungarians created the Rubicks Cube.  Thirdly, Hungarians bathe in mineral water.

Here are 3 facts about the Philippines.  The Philippines people are called Filipinos. Second, Filipinos eat chicken intestines.  Finally, Filipinos speak English.

Puerto Rico
Hoy voy a estar diciendo acerca Puerto Rico. Primero, the Puerto Rican flag is the oldest flag living under the United States. Segundo, San Juan had a strong hold over the Spanish empire until the 19th century. Tercero, the temperature in Puerto Rico averages 80 degrees year round.

United States
100 acres of pizzas are sold everyday in the United States.  Every American tweet is archived in the Library of Congress. Third, Apple has more operating cash than the United States Treasury. There are at least 97 people named “LOL” in the USA. Next, 1 in 8 American workers work at McDonalds. Finally, just 2.5 million people lived in the United States in 1776. Now there are more than 314 million people living in the United States.

Xin Chao! Today I will be telling you about Vietnam. First, the most common surname (last name) is Nguyen. Secondly, you can eat there for $1. Thirdly, their national sport is soccer.  Also, their Capital is Hanoi. Lastly, Vietnamese people love white rice.

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