Cool things to draw

Hello everyone. I’m doing a blog about things to draw since winter is coming up and we will be kept inside. I hope you see some cool things to draw or be inspired to draw something else.

1. Dragons. Dragons are look nice, are cool, and are great for a drawing walk since they stand out from the rest. They can be all kinds of colors like red, blue, black, or purple. People have a lot of tutorials online if you want to draw one. I’m not much of a drawer so I can’t do it but some people (Like my sister, Julie) can draw them or be able to draw one but haven’t tried to.

2. Classic horror characters. Classic horror character’s like Frankenstein’s monster or Jason Voorhees are cool. They’re many kinds of them and different ways to draw them as well. The creepy ones and the chibi ones are my personal favorites. I think Frankenstein’s monster chibi ones look the best.

3. Household objects with eyes. I think they are cool because you can make multiple of the and have a story of their secret life. I think they look the best animated because one the look real are creepy because you have to make it more realistic.

4. Buildings. Buildings can be Victorian or neo-futuristic. They can be short, tall, weirdly shaped or just normal homes in the futures. If you want, you can even make rooms for the buildings. You can put people In it or give it a price you think it should be.

I hope you guys and girls enjoy this blog and I will write tomorrow but I won’t have a blog Friday and maybe not Monday. Have a amazing week.


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