Costumes to wear for Halloween

Hello everybody, I’m writing today about costumes to wear for Halloween. I’m going to write short a few sentences for each and there is going to be writing about one categories only, scary. I love scary costumes. Mine is going to be sort of scary which can be two costumes, Bank robber or the other one is probably going to be the one is a purger. If you look up lady liberty purge then the mask she wears I have and I can put on a dark shirt and scare a lot of people with crazy cackles and chasing them while my masks LED turn on and off while I run at them slowly.

1. Purger. As a purger you can run at people, chase them for a while, get a fake knife and stab your friends with it to scare onlookers. The fake knife is cool because the top isn’t sharp and it disappears into the handle to make it looked like someone got stabbed.

2. Creepy clown. As a clown you can scream at other people with a high voice and if you want you can be a zombie clown so you can run with a limp as well. It is a really scary costume if you do it right.

3. Tax paper. There one is more of a joke but it is scary in real life. You get some laughs from parents and some people faking being scared as a joke. In think it is a funny joke and I would fake being scared or concerned.

4. Famous horror film stars. Some of the costumes that count here is Jigsaw, Freddy Krueger, Jason Voorhees, and many more. I would do Jason because a Jigsaw costume would be hot inside of it and the Freddy Krueger one you would need fake skin on your face and that would be uncomfortable. But, a Jason Voorhees costume needs a hockey mask and the clothes he wears in some of the movies.

I hope the ideas I told you were good and it will help you make a decision on a costume. Have a great day


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  1. I love your costume ideas. I was Jason for Halloween a few times because it’s very easy and cheap. Looking forward to being a zombie doctor again this year. See you in England!

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