Creator archetype

Today my blog will be about the creator archetype. I hope it makes sense. The creator archetype are smart and stubborn. They do what they want to do and nobody can stop them.

This archetype tests all limits, they are set and what they want to do and will do it very well. They piss people of easily and want to be heard. They fear being stoppable or being useless.

If they are on the worse side of things they don’t listen to others at all and only start projects. They usually say anything they want and won’t shut up and say a thing they think. They flip out if they are ignored and act like a little kid. They lie just because they are bored with there own lives. They will argue with anyone about thing that don’t matter because they want to prove they are better, even if they realize they are wrong they will still fight about it. If they get obsessed enough they will ditch humanity just to finish a project.

I hope you enjoyed my blog and understood it well, my next archetype blog will be about the caregiver archetype.

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