Deflategate happened during the 2015 game on January 18 when the Patriots faced the colts and deflated the ball which is now known as deflategate. The consequence was the New england Patriots quarterback, Tom brady was suspended for 4 games. It was moved to court and was eventually moved to the 2016 games not the 2015. Peyton manning who was the colts quarterback and tom brady the patriots quarterback thought that the quarterback should have a ball that suited them. I agree of what they said though I also agree that tom brady should have been punished for deflating the ball. I wished that he didn’t do it so he wasn’t in trouble  because they’re one of my favorite teams. Judge Richard M. Berman handled the case and there is now a rule of what ph in the ball which I think is a fair rule in football. I hope you guys and girls like this blog and I will now be updating the last post from me

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