Diary of a wimpy kid; The ugly truth Summary

Diary of a wimpy kid; The ugly truth Summary
This book was about his uncle getting married a 3rd time, a Maid, School, and more.

So the book started about His friendship with rowley and trying to fix it. He noticed that a guy named brian who was older than rowley was hanging it with rowley.he drove a van that was advertising rent-a-Brian which was for giving your son a friend to play with. Greg betted that that the guys name was brian.

The next part was about school and popularity. there was a about Health class. There was another class for biology that has a permission slip for the class. It talked about Zygotes.

The next part was about there maid. the Mom announced that there will be a maid for their family and the cleaned up for their family. the next day the maid was on the couch eating and watching TV. Greg tried to get her to do his laundry but she was keep on writing more notes to get out of it.

The last part was about the Uncles 3rd wedding.  he was the assistant ring bearer which was embarrassing.

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