Dogs evolved from grey wolves, Grey wolves breed are almost the same but dogs breeds are very different from one and another. My favorite kind of dogs are the ones who are loyal and love to cuddle. Cuddling with dogs are so nice. I am a dog person. They are cuddly, sweet, nice, and smart

Wolves are ancestors of Dogs. They were tamed by giving them food and not killing them. They were breezed and breed until we got the breeds we currently have. Catahoula cur are dogs that can climb trees. German Shepards are great hunters. Dachshunds are used to climb in tunnels and eat small animals. A lot of dogs are great at stuff but may be poor at others. Pug have poor breathing, and Dachshunds cant swim well.

My favorite dog is the Catahoula Cur (also known as a Catahoula Leopard). I like them because they are cuddly, loyal, and funny. The one I met had a gene called Double Merle. The gene messes up their eyes and they fur becomes white but they can have brown spots. I find them cute and he was really derpy.

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  1. Lovely London. I like dogs but cant have one as it is hard to find doggie daycare when we go away. Cats are much easier to look after. Make sure you use spell check & also check your tenses before you hit send. Proof reading is important too. Love you & hugs to Clearance puppy.

  2. Oh dear. I wrote my comment & forgot to hit post…..Loved hearing about dogs. We have cats as they are easy to take care of especially when we go away. I really love dogs especially Labradors. Your Bog was good but make sure to check out spell check & also the tenses. Love you Granny xx

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