Double Standards: How my School really doesn’t like animals.

Hello, today I am going to write about double standards: How my school Really doesn’t like animals. So lets get started.

So since Valentines day is coming up, my school is doing something to celebrate called “For The love of”, last year was “For the Love of Art” and this year it is “For the Love of Animals”.

This blog is called double standards because my Zoology class is (keep in mind its For the love of ANIMALS!) we are dissecting a shark which means they slit its throat because you can’t drown a shark. Another thing wrong is one of the kids, whose favorite animal is a shark IS EXCITED. How can they be excited? If their favorite animal is a shark. That is another double standard. Also here is a link to where and how most schools get dissection supplies. Link to Peta > Peta

Another double standard are from school last year. Multiple kids who claimed to love pigs, also judged me for not eating ham nor bacon.

This next one isn’t a double standard but it rubbed me the wrong way. At PE a few weeks ago the teacher talked about how mice with wheels in their box got more excercise than mice without a wheel. That is not the problem, the problem is that some mice got tumors in their head and the others were starved to get excercise, they also got put in tiny itty bitty boxes.

This is the end of the blog hope you enjoyed, and remember DON’T DISSECT ANIMALS!

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  1. Excellent post, kiddo. I am so impressed at how you guys stand up for your beliefs. I’ll pick you guys up early so you don’t have to do the dissection.

    It’s crazy that they still do dissections when it is absolutely unnecessary.

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