Dumb blog ideas my Mom has give me (her idea also)

“Halloween decorations repurposed as garden decorations.” They’re already garden decorations so it wouldn’t be much of a blog.

“Why I wish Boston was a girl.” I don’t. I would be the only boy and I don’t think it would be that great.

“The history of mayonnaise.” Mayonnaise is not vegan at all. I hate mayo and I would probably write about my hatred of mayonnaise. I will never, ever, write about mayonnaise and you can hold me to that. It is so disgusting and tastes like it is butter mixed with milk and eggs.

“10 major character flaws in the Simpsons.” I haven’t watched the Simpsons enough to write it without looking it up on Wikipedia. Also, they are really noticeable like how Marge always falls for Homer and how Homer is a big idiot. My favorite character is Bart because he is funny.

I hope you enjoy and I will write soon <–(Boston attacked my blog so let’s attack him back next time!)

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