Emirates First class

Emirates first class is the best and most expensive airline in the world. the first class is on a different level then the rest. They have separate areas. I hope that I can eventually go on it or get upgraded to it. the TV is a big size for airplanes. if you cant reach the TV you can use the remote with a screen on it. the give you pajamas and shaving kits.

there is a drink stand on your right when you are in your chair that pops up with the a button. there is a door that opens and closes. There is a book for a menu. there is a table that pops or folds out for the food. The chair goes back to a bed. there is a lamp that lights up and the windows close with a touch of a button. you can book a shower. the attendants make your bed. there is a bar to get drinks. if you pick the middle which is cheaper probably. it has a thing were if you open it you can talk to the person next to you.

before you board there is a lounge where you can get food and real maple syrup. You can enter the place from the lounge. only problem is that you need a visa

the bar has a huge TV. if you are on a chair and there is turbulence they have seat belts on the chairs around the place. the spa’s also have tv but they are smaller then the bar.

I hope you guys enjoy the blog and I will write one next week

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