Everyperson/Orphan archetype

Because his parents are dead Image from Pottermore (Hes actually mostly the hero archetype)

Today my blog will be about the Everyperson Archetype. I hope you enjoy my blog and it makes sense.

They are not actually orphans, they want friends and to find a spot in the world. They are also pretty negative in conversations. They are over all good people. They may be negative in bad situations they are good at making jokes about bad situations and will comfort people if they need it.

Bad things about them are that they give up easily and usually prefer not to be a leader. Also like the lover and innocent archetype is willing to be abused or abuse. They do not want to be alone. If they are evil (They are bad at being evil) they usually do dumb thing like switching orders. They can lie if needed and are good at being sidekicks, evil or not because they do not want to be famous so they stick to the sidelines. They also might just give up 100 percent and not care. They might be evil because they feel extremely alone in the world, and join the evil side.

I hope you have enjoyed my blog and it makes sense and you enjoyed it. My next blog will be about the magician archetype.

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  1. Boston was telling me that he got this idea from you to prank people. Like if he was going to be a bad guy, he would work in a coffee shop and add extra sugar to people’s coffees. I think that this archetype is what he was talking about. Love this.

    The funny part, not the evil part (even if they suck at being evil). 🙂

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