Today my blog will be about Evolution. I hope it makes sense and you enjoy it.

Evolution is a series of genetic mutations that are useful and passed through children.

An example Evolution: Polar bears used to be brown and at some point one cub was born with a gene that made them appear white. That was extremely useful because it made it easier to hunt prey because they blend in with their environment, so the gene went to their kids and all of the polar bears after a while.  Polar bears and brown bears have the same ancestors. Which is why they dont have the white fur, it would make them easy to spot in forest. Polar Bears are not actually white, they have black skin (Heat) and hollow fur which is why they appear white.

Humans evolved dogs from wolves. Wolves were a threat to humans, they were one of our biggest competitors for food. Then we started to leave out some food scraps and the Wolves with the lowest stress hormones took the scarps and started slowly staying closer and closer to us, even hunting with us after a while. Dogs were now evolving to be more cute because it was a necessity for them, humans fed the cute ones more. They let us breed them at that point and we turned them to breeds, every single breed of dog is because we wanted them with specific qualities.

Eyes are another genetic mutation, which began the evolutionary process before the time of Dinosaurs. It started when one Bacterium was given the ability to “see sunlight” (this bacterium could see grey, dark grey and light grey, not even more than one shade at a time). Because the sun damages these Bacterium it was useful, the next mutation was it sensitive to light so the ones that could detect light didn’t like it. So they went to darker areas and than survived better. The next mutation was to focus the sight, by dark spots, which made it able to see levels of light beter. For the ones that needed sun for food this made them more healthy, they went close to the light.

Flatworms mutated to have a ‘Dimple’ where the dark spot is. This improved their vision , still extremely bad vision but good enough to see food and danger. Then a even deeper dimple was evolved (Which is where the eye socket goes later) and gave them the ability to see better. The next mutation was the first version of the cornea and made the entrance of the dimple smaller, this made everything darker to them but the focus was better (The cornea on top of the hole of the eye). The next mutation was making the lens of the eye, wich made it see brightness and good focus because the entrance to the eye didn’t have to be so small.  (I don’t know when two eyes were evolved but that adds depth perception which was a big thing too.)

This is where our eyes came from, but when our ancestors moved onto land there was a problem. Do you know when go under water and open your eyes and everything is blurry and bent. Thats what happened basically and our eyes are still mutating to see better up here. Actually we cannot see in the dark or at our noses because of this!

I hope you enjoyed my blog, I hope this makes sense. I have no idea about what my next blog will be about, maybe Norse mythology but I can’t find anything good to blog about.

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  1. Yes!!! I love this so much. I think the example of bears vs. polar bears is a simple yet remarkable. Easy for anyone to understand. I also like the example you gave me in conversation earlier today discussing why our fingers prune up when exposed to water for a few minutes.

    We should get matching DNA tattoos one day. <3

    Keep up these science blogs.

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