Filius Flitwick

Filius flitwick is a professor at Hogwarts who does charms. I am going to do a blog about him because he is a ravenclaw and I think he is the best professor even though one of him charms he teaches is super useful. That spell is the Cheering Charm. I think it is really useful because it can be useful during the 2 Wizarding wars because it can make people happy and will help if you are feeling down. He is also a Dueling Champion which is weird when you consider that he wasn’t in the Dueling club. He also had a Choir called the Frog Choir that you see at the beginning of the the 3rd movie.

He is laid back and has only given one punishment of lines the Seamus Finnigan for knocking him of his tower of books. The first time he let Harry’s year use spells was until Halloween when he taught them the Levitating charm where he they made feathers fly in the air. He also let his students play board games when it was around Christmas. Minerva McGonagall and him laughed because the hat thought about putting them in Ravenclaw and Gryffindor but McGonagall got Gryffindor and Flitwick got Ravenclaw which is funny because if it was Vice versa the would switch the house they were head for.

I think he is a really good teacher and I hope you guys and girls enjoyed this blog and forgive me for not doing a blog yesterday because I was sick. I also hope your day is good and I will write a blog about Professor McGonagall


I got most of my information from the books and the Harry Potter Wiki 



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  1. I’m going to have to go back and watch the third movie and see the frog choir! I don’t remember it. It’s been a while since I watched that one. We’ve been watching them when Ali is doing chemotherapy at the hospital. Next week we’ll see if she wants to watch the 3rd one after I share your blog with her. She could talk for HOURS about Harry Potter.

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