FPS and Ping

FPS also known as Frames Per Second is how many frames are shown in like a shows or game per second. Shows use 24 FPS for regular scenes and 48 for slow motion scenes. The average FPS in games is 30 – 60. I use 45-50 FPS because the settings I have on. Pro gamers use 60 -120 FPS because of their set ups of $1000 – $3000. Most gamers also have Amazing quality textures for viewers and to be used to the setups at most gaming tournaments. In my own experience of FPS which happened yesterday was the I had like 30 FPS then I got it up to 60 which made it feel smoother and made me feel like I was moving slower.It felt great

Ping is how long it takes the server your connected to to get the response from your computer. Ping is also essential in video games because it’s helps your reaction time to people. It also fixes a glitch where you move back then forward . Most gamers need 30 or lower because the glitch starts at 40. I had once played on 400 ping and it was bad and we fixed it because Something in task manager was being used to much see we closed it and it fixed itself

I hope everybody reading this enjoyed it and I will make a blog tomorrow


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  1. London, I enjoyed the blog. I have been geeked out on this stuff for a long time. I enjoy reading your blog on it. Question: Is it possible to test my system at home to see what it does?


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