Hello, today I am going to write about what I did on Friday-Sunday.

On Friday I woke up at 9AM (too late to go to school, so we stayed home). Later (like 10AM), we decided to go shopping (Walmart). The first Walmart we went to was a Neighborhood Market Walmart, and they had nothing we wanted. After that we went too a normal Walmart, and they also had nothing we wanted. After that we went home and did some uninteresting stuff (well other than Fortnite).

At 5:00PM London and I got picked up by our Dad. After he picked us up we went to Dunkin Donuts (London wanted a Iced Tea). Then we went to the mall (we planned it out, because I wanted to go to the LEGO Store, because I wanted a LEGO Minifigures Series 18 Pack). Then we went to a Clothing store, because they normally have my dads shoe sizes. After that we went to Target to get some food and stuff for dinner. Then we went home and started to sleep.

The Next Day, we did some stuff (nothing too interesting), and then we went to the Car Parts store and the bank, then Target (we needed a thing or too), then Walmart (and I got a LEGO Minifigure Pack, and it had the rare Figure!). After Walmart (a lot after), we went to a place called “MOD Pizza”, and they had really good Vegan Pizza.

The next day we came home from our dads.

This is the end of the blog, Goodbye!

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  1. You had a busy weekend with Dad Lots of new Lego? A lady in town offered me 2 boxes of lego with lots of good stuff for you & London. Its waiting for you guys to come. Also something to build but not Lego….Plus Grandad & I got a jig saw puzzle.1[We kept your puzzle & also Londons . They are on our dining table.I hope you get your letter from me today. I sent one to London yesterday. Julie is next. Granny xx

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