Frigg and Freya Norse Mythology

Today my blog will be about Frigg and Freya Norse Mythology. I hope you enjoyed my blog and it makes sense. Also the Norse mythology family tree is so it made more sense. Its from veritable hokum. Somehow Frigg and Freya are the same person, I do not know how and I am not explaining it, go to norse mythology for smart people I do not understand it though.

So instead of an explanation I am explaining them as different people.  At some point they are two different people and that  makes more sense to me. Also turns out that’s just a theory.


She belongs to both the Vanir and Aesir she is a goddess of fertility who son is Baldur. I think she also spins the clouds. And that is basically it, not much is know about her all of the surviving norse mythology basically says that about her. Her husband is odin also.


Her father is Nyjord her mother is Unknown, her brother is Frey. Her husband  is Ord. She is the goddess of love, lust and beauty. She is good at magic and is verry intelligent. She is actually the one who showed the gods magic (Humans too?). She uses magic to manipulate her beauty.

This is my blog about Frigg and Freya. I hope you enjoyed my blog and it makes sense. Norse mythology is a pain. Greek mythology has stuff that is easy to explain.

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  1. Julie I cannot understand this Blog. It makes no sense to me. Could you write about something you enjoy about everyday life or something you read in a book. Perhaps a story on your dreams . perhaps a story on how to open a restaurant or write a business plan on a store you could run. I am guess I amgetting old & this mythical stuff is just that mythical. You are a talented young lady & can do so much bettter. I love you Granny xx

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