Gary Johnson

Today I will be writing about Gary Johnson and his views on North America. He believes that we should not outlaw guns because only outlaws will have them and Citizens can’t protect themselves and their family. He thinks we should not raise legal minimum wage and eliminate all federal wages standard. He is in The libertarian party. Johnson supports DACA and DAPA. Trump leads Johnson 37.6 percent to 36.5 percent in poll of U.S. Military. I wish that Gary will be the president for no reason just that I dislike trump and Hilary alot. He seems like a nice guy but that is just me and my opinions on him. He also seem like the guy that would also be vice president I don’t know why I think that.

I Hope you guys like my blog today about Gary Johnson and his views and I will write again tomorrow about something.

P.s. I Hate politics

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