Gherkin is another word for pickle, but is also a building in England. Today I am going to be writing about the building. I hope you enjoy and I will write next week. Have a good day.


The building was made in the place of another building damaged when a explosion was placed inside the building. The building was first known as the Swiss Re Building but is now know as the gherkin. The building looks like a urn but way more colorful.

Construction started in 2001 and finished In 2003. It was opened to the public in 2004. One of the windows in the building fell which closed the road and made them check the other 744 windows. I think that is crazy how they didn’t correctly seal the windows so one of them could fall down. They had a pathway to go into the building or to go to the next street. I think that was smart so they could still do business and pedestrians could pass-by. I wouldn’t go down the street but I bet people still would.

The building was sold twice, Once for £630M then for £700M. The original owner made about £300M which is a ton. That is 2 times normal building price. I wonder how the building company made the money.

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