Girl Scout Cookies

Today I will be blogging about girl scout cookies and how I have sold them. First the cookies are Thin mints taste minty and chocolaty, Samoas taste like caramel with chocolate, Savannah smiles are lemony, Trefoils the short bread one, Tagalongs are the Peanut and chocolate ones.Do-sid-dosthepenutbutterones.The s’mores taste like s’mores and Toffee Tastic which taste like Toffee. The S’mores and Toffee are 5$ while the rest are 4$.

The only vegan cookie is the is thin mints, which is why i have sold them to my family!

One of the ways  I have sold them is that Todd brings a cooler full of them to his work and sells them he usually sell alot.

Another way they are sold is booth sales, I don’t like selling them this way because some people are complete jerks about it.

I also went door to door with my mom, my sister Rachel and my brother London because my other brother Boston didn’t go, we went door to door for a while then London and mom ran to restock the cookies while I waited with Rachel until they came back. Then Rachel went home with London because they were bored.

Also some people at Rachel’s School send Rachel home with money and an order then I send Rachel home with the cookies that they wanted.

The last way I am going to sell girl scout cookies is by going to Jeeps and Java with a booth because there will be alot of people there that might want cookies! I hope I sell the rest there.

Those are the ways the girl scouts cookies that are mine have been sold I hope you enjoyed reading my blog ! I don’t know what my next blog will be.

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