Gmod Jailbreak

Gmod or Garry’s mod is a game where you build, fight and play game modes. A popular one is jailbreak. I play it a lot and it is the second game mode I play the most. I usually play on a server called Dead Wasteland Gaming  Jailbreak. I am a steam member and I am also on there website. I am usually a guard. Let me explain the game now.

Jailbreak is a game mode where you try to either keep the prisoners under control. as a prisoner you want to rebel and kill all the guards. the guards also try to play games till there is one and they get Last request and Death request. There is guns around the map and especially in the armory where the guards start. I look up videos of where secrets are.

One of the games are called last reaction, first reaction. If the warden says first reaction jump, the first person who jumps dies. If they say last reaction crouch, then the last person to crouch dies. There is also War day where the prisoners get let out and the guards either stay together in a room which is also called siege day or split up and kill the prisoners. There is also a thing called LGKA which means Last Guard Kills All.

I hope you guys and girls enjoy this blog and I will write one on wednesday

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