Going to a road trip

Hello Everyone, Today i’m going to writing about going on a road trip, what I need if we go on one, and places I want to go like New York or California. I hope my family will go on a road trip very soon because it sounds like it might be fun and we can learn a little by going somewhere. Have a great day and I will write tommorow


If I go on a road trip, I would want to go on one sort of long so we can do road trip stuff and listen to audiobook probably putting some on a disc so we can all listen to it together and comment on it. I would pick most of them and maybe even re-listen to my favorites like Harry potter. Julie would also pick a few other and Boston would pick one or two. I would get some movies on my Ipad and see if we could get some on moms Ipad because it is bigger then any other tablet in our house. I would want to watch some classics and movies on Netflix.

If we know the states or monuments by where we would be we could see them and take pictures. If we went to New York City, I would want to see Time square, the Empire state building, and the Statue of liberty. I would also want to take the subway since I have heard it is like the London Underground which I went on a lot when I was in England in november.


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  1. I thought that London was pretty clean for being such a large, international city. I hear New York smells like trash in the summer (I’ve actually been there and smelled it myself)

    What places do you want to visit in America? What about the Grand Canyon?

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