Going to Chilis

Hello everyone, The other day we went to the movies but we also went to chili’s a few hours after leaving the movie theater. I hope you enjoy my story and I will write about something more informational. I hope you have a nice day and I will write tommorow.


A few hours after going to the movies (My previous blog) we went to chili’s. Since Julie and Boston have misophonia they didn’t want to go because you can only eat chips and salsa. I went with Mom, Todd and Todd’s friend. I was really excited because they have this thing called Ziosk which is used to order food and play games. I also knew they had free refills so I can get a few sodas their also. We left at around 6PM which is a nice time to go to a restaurant. When we got their, Todd’s Friend was parked on some snow and Todd did the same thing which made it harder to get in the car and out.


We got into Chilis and sat in a booth. It was comfortable but I was thinking about the Ziosk. When I used the Ziosk it costed 2 dollars to play some games which I thought was stupid so I didst want to use it as much because I couldn’t do anything else on it. The waiter asked what we wanted to drink and I ordered a Coke. It came in a large beer mug which was cool to use. When he brought us our drink he asked what we all wanted to eat  chips and salsa so we ordered that and a few other meals.

We watched America Ninja Warrior which was pretty good. I didn’t root for anyone because I didn’t want to lose. Some people won and most lost which must of sucked for them. The waiter brought us chips and salsa which was really good and the salsa was the best I ever had in a while. We talked and laughed a little. I had a lot of fun until we left. Mom, Todd, and Todd’s Friend talked for a few minutes when we left Chili’s but then they said goodbye and we left.


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