Going to the movies

Yesterday, We went to see black panther. I hope you enjoy my blog and I will write tomorrow about another topic like a show or maybe about the new Overwatch character since there is a chance of their being a new hero tomorrow. I hope they are cool or a defense character because we haven’t gotten a new defense character.

I woke up at around  9AM and got up from bed fast because I was so excited that we were going to the movie but a little nervous. The reason was  I didn’t know if the movie in 3D would look good or not. I got a cup of coffee because I was still tired and needed something to keep me awake. After thirty minutes, Julie and I decided to wake up Mom, Todd, and Boston so we could go to the movies and eat. Mom and Todd got up a few minutes after and Boston was tired so he got up a few minutes later.

We all had breakfast at 11:00 AM and left shortly thereafter. We kind of ran out of the house because Mom thought the movie started at 12:40 AM but I reminded mom the movie started at 12:10 AM.  We were going with someone else and Mom informed them that the movie was at 12:40 AM. I was extremely nervous because I didn’t want to be late. We were late by about 2 minutes but then we had to wait to get drinks and Popcorn so that added an extra 5 minutes but we barely missed the opening part. The movie was awesome. It would sometimes hurt your eyes a little but it made it just a little better to watch. The story of the movie was excellent and what made it better was the characters. I think the outfits and powers were really cool and I hope this means Avengers: Infinity war will also be awesome.


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  1. What a great Blog London. You are a good writer & I am so happy as you seem to enjoy writing. You didnt talk about the movie but I am glad you enjoyed it. Cant wait to see you. Hugs Granny XX

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